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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQ section provides answers to commonly asked questions about Greg’s ChicNPig BBQ blog.

  • Why Greg's ChicNPig BBQ?
    Greg’s ChicNPig BBQ is a site dedicated to all things BBQ-related; recipes, tips, and tricks for anyone who like to cook BBQ! I use this site for my recipes and grilling techniques. I wanted one place I could go to and also be able to share with others.
  • How often does Greg's ChicNPig BBQ post new content?
    My goal is to post new content about couple of times a month so that there is always something new to try. Additionally, you can sign up for email updates on the home page.
  • What kind of recipes does are on Greg's ChicNPig BBQ?
    We offer a variety of recipes ranging from classic BBQ favorites like ribs and brisket to unique recipes like smoked wings and and great sides (e.g., beans and cornbread).
  • What is the cooked temperature for chicken?
    Chicken Wings to 190°F Dark meat to 175-180°F Whole bird, breasts to 165°F, thighs and legs to 175-180°F
  • Is there one "right" way to BBQ?
    Absolutely not! Everyone has an opinion and they a many, many to cook BBQ. I have tried many methods and it's really about what you like. Try different techniques and see what's good. I will try things and it will be my go to, I only liked a part of what was done, or I did like it as much as other methods. Pick the what works and make sure its repeatable. One thing that is a constant is that great BBQ is all about patience and giving the meat enough time to do it's thing! Make sure you have planned enough time to cook!

More to come...

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